I Scream… You Scream… We all Scream…


This afternoon Sammy and I got together with my brother and Jennyfer for Lunch. All you can eat Sushi of course… Dustin, Sammy and Jennyfer love Sushi, me on the other-hand, hate it. So I overdosed on the following:

* Yam Tempura
* Gyoza
* Teriyaki Beef
* Teriyaki Chicken
* Steamed Rice

Pretty fabulous right? You don’t have to ask me twice to go to all you can eat Sushi again. I love all the above and if you ask my brother he will say that as a child all I ever ate was Steamed Rice and Apple Juice. Now I would love to say he is just being a brother and exaggerating for comedy reason… but I’m not going to lie, its all true. It’s really all I ate. 

After lunch Ice Cream was on our brains, as it came up quickly during Lunch and Jenny and I really had not stopped thinking about it. So they took us to an Ice Cream place called Cold Stone Creamery…. and this is where we began our new obsession. BAD NEWS BEARS! I ordered the Raspberry Sorbet with Almonds {thanks to my Gestational Diabetes I needed Fruit and Protein as an afternoon snack and therefore this is what I came up with}, Sammy on the other-hand had Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips folded in. I say folded literally, they scoop your Ice Cream and put it on this slab or rock, ice cold rock. Then you say which toppings you want and they fold it in with these fancy little paddles. Its pretty much just like watching the Mona Lisa in creation…. BRILLIANCE!

I now have Ice Cream on the brain… so I got a little crazy, and by this its border line obsessed and found some fun recipes I’d thought I’d share with you. Of course that’s only if you like Ice Cream…

Fresh Orange Cream Sicle 
{click here for the recipe at Homespun with Love}

Ice Cream Sandwiches – Gluten Free 
{click here for the recipe at Elena’s Pantry}

Peanut Butter Fudge Swirl Ice Cream 
{click here for the recipe at Foodess}

If your not salivating yet, I suggest running to your nearest doctors, get ’em to check out your taste buds…. let him know that Little Miss Mama thinks they are broken!



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