Why I’m Not Making any New Years Resolutions

In past years I’ve made many RIDICULOUS goals the days leading up to the New Year. From something as simple as drinking more water and using the f-bomb less, in particular during school pick-up conversing with other moms. To something as wild as 90 STRAIGHT DAYS of working out or even crazier cutting out gummy bears and sour keys with my bubble baths. Seriously you guys! I don’t drink and yet even I question if I may have had one too many while I made these New Years Resolutions. 

You see, New Years Resolutions for someone like myself, someone who must see perfection in everything she does, someone who struggles to cut herself some slack and more-so someone who’s idea of perfect is clearly a bit off, this idea of making a New Years Resolution is HORRENDOUS

Putting this much pressure on yourself at the worlds idea of the ideal FRESH START, January 1st, the start of a New Year, that’s like giving yourself 7-days after Christmas to get runway ready and walk alongside the models during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Sounds like the worst idea I’ve heard since Instagram decided to change from a chronological feed. 

A friend, Michael put out a vlog last night that couldn’t have been more perfect, the timing was impeccable as I sat here and wondered what the heck 2018 was going to have in store for me. I watched it more times that I would like to admit, letting myself fully understand and embody this foreign concept of cutting out New Years Resolutions, replacing them with a word. The idea of living a better day-to-day life with some guidance from a few meaningful words is a a very new concept for me, but one that feels right. 

Here, check out his video and see what I mean. 

Michael decided on 3 words he wanted to live by in 2018. 3 words to take into the New Year to make the most of the year for himself. A very simple concept of bettering yourself over time, not an unrealistic goal to make yourself feel like a failure by the 2nd week in January. His 3 words were INTENT, CALM and ENOUGH and here is how I am making them my 3 words in 2018;

Intent: do all things with a purpose, should it’s outcome not bring positivity into my life, stop
Calm: step back, stop rushing, slow down and approach life not as a flaming ball of fire 
Enough: stop comparing myself to others and be happy with my successes

I doubt I could’ve come up with 3 more perfect words for myself in 2018. 


Anyone else dropping the New Years Resolutions this year and forever? I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the vlog! Just remember to drink ENOUGH water to wash down those gummy bears after you CALMLY drop one too many f-bombs at school pickup. At least it was INTENTIONAL, right?


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