Incredible Christmas Light Display {VLOG}

We may have JUST made it before the lights flipped on for the first time…

But without all the added anxiety and stress it wouldn’t be the same. YOU GUYS! Is it just me or are you always rushing to things, like I mean ALWAYS?!

It was no different checking out the Lights at Lafarge Lake for their BIG official lighting event. We rushed to get there. Rushed to find parking. Rushed to pay for parking. Rushed to connect with our family meeting us there. and then we sat. We waited. and waited some more. and then a little more. 

BAM the lights flew on and it was SPECTACULAR! and then it rained….




It’s one of my most favorite things to do over the holidays. Check out all the Christmas Light Displays that are around the city. I loved the lights at Lafarge Lake, but quite possibly my most favorite way to check out the lights is in the car, heat pumped, Christmas tunes cranked, starbucks in hand…. TIS THE LIFE!



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