Indie Tea Review: Sock it to Me

Tea Company: Indie Tea

Tea Name: Sock it to Me; $5.99 – 13.99
A Bold Blend of Golden Monkey Assam and China Black Tea. It’s one thing to Daydream at the Office. It’s another thing entirely to lay your head down on the desk and fall fast asleep. That’s where the Monkey comes to the rescue. 

Tea Type: Assam & Black 

Tea Tasting Location: The Kitchen Table. With a mere 14 days before my due date, sitting and enjoying Breakfast along with a cup of Tea doesn’t take place at a couch and leather ottoman anymore. Too much 90 degree angle baby squishing going on there.

Tea Accompaniments: A small swish of 2% Milk and a little dash of Sugar. 

Leave Rating: 4.8
5 for the best and 1 for the worst

Liquor Color: Perfectly Golden. A Vibrant Orange hue with deep Amber edges. 

Aroma: At first sniff I thought I was on the couch watching my Soap’s – it was all about the Bold and the Beautiful. The smooth scents of the Malty Assam mixed with the Bold Chinese Black Tea was a perfect morning combination. Just the smell alone gave me enough energy to “think” about training for a marathon. Then I remembered I was 20+ pounds heavier these days and that dream went far far east.  

Taste: This Tea, for me, wins best morning pick-me-up! Why? Its Smooths, Rich and Luxurious taste that hits my tongue each and every sip like a quality Tea should. No doubt, the combination of the Assam and Black Tea are a match made in heaven and should never part again. PURE BLISS…. 

If you are looking for a Golden, Rich, Bold, Beautiful, Luxurious way to start your morning then search no more, Indie’s Tea “Sock it to Me” is the answer to your Tea Prayers.  Assuming of course that you are like me, and get down on bended knees asking for the perfect blend to show its leaves. Sad, I know… but life for me is just peachy, I gotta ask for something don’t I?! 

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