INSPIRATION: Our Outdoor Movie Night


The plans are well underway and we’re so excited for what’s ahead. The invites were sent out via Paperless Post and only a few lovely people are testing my patients waiting for the last moment to reply (hello mother!). With a mind staggering 59 guests invited, it looks like we’re going to see this event hit 30+ attendants. To be honest I didn’t expect this type of turn out, come on it’s Summer holidays, don’t people go away? Shame on me for being overzealous, looks like this little party of ours took precedence over a trip to the cabin or a family backyard BBQ. In all honesty though, I couldn’t be more excited to host the event, I’m happy to share our backyard with this army of friends and family that have oddly enough all RSVP’d yes.

Choosing a movie, now that was probably about the toughest thing I had to endure this entire event thus far, as we all know come d-day when I have 25 kids to entertain this may change slightly. Why the predicament? Well that would be because we have an even split of boys and girls ranging in age between 1 and 6; finding a middle ground wasn’t easy. After much deliberation I chose to go with Cars, here is a few reasons why:

1) The main character isn’t a frolicking, twirling, singing princess or; a beastly, burly, angry bad guy.
2) It doesn’t have any terribly scary parts (Um, Hello!? Bambi, I’m lookin’ at you!)
3) and; It’s super funny for both kids and parents. #winwin

I figure I will win the hearts of the kids and parents by playing this flick (not so much the neighbors), and ensuring I send no littles’ home with the beginnings of a horrible evening of nightmares. May their dreams be full of farting tractors, crazy fast cars, and Mater’s two front teeth.

OutdoorMovieInspiration(photo source: 1  2  3  4  5  6)

Inspiration has been drawn from everywhere, and I mean everywhere (pinterest is great/horrible for that), the only definite thing I know is, we must have great popcorn. Because let’s be real, what’s a movie without fresh, buttery, delicious popcorn, right? Don’t you worry, this I got under control, well me and a little friend named Kernels Popcorn that is. Besides this, the plans are all still in the works, but I do know that it will be fun. Quite possibly too much fun.

Sundays, they’ve always been there for recovery, and this Sunday, the one after this event will be no different!


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