It was all just a blur; a sweet holiday blur

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So much has happened, I mean it,  so much; leading up until Christmas and New Years, I feel my life-sharing was really missed on the site and I think I about made it up to you {in the form of a photo-coma}. Now a mum to a toddler who completely grasps the concept of the holidays, and embraces the sugar-high it also brings, this past Christmas has flew by in a face-stuffing, mortimer-loving, sweets-eating, friends-visiting, family-gathering, nights-way-too-late-night-for-any-three-year-old, sugar-crashing, memory-making blur. Thank god for this camera I have stuck to my face, that and my paparazzi skills from a past life, I seemed to have caught it all in still; which means I can relish in it again, and again, and again. So let my first post of 2015 to be about the past… NO WAIT! That’s not good… I vowed to never look back as it struct midnight. CRAP! Well then, one less resolution to worry about keeping track of now isn’t it. And that my friends is how you find the silver-lining in everything.

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