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After reading a “facebook status update” from a dear friend of mine *hi nom-ee*, I was enlightened and inspired to join Project 365. No registration required, no signing my life away, or the signing over of my first born, or even reading a 50 page privacy policy. Just a simple promise to myself that I will take one picture a day of my baby girl, until December 31st, 2013. Which I will then collect together, put in a slideshow, speed it up and put to some sappy love song. All to prove to myself, and those around to enjoy the show, that our kids literally grow up right in front of our eyes.  

*some of you may have already caught wind of this little paparazzi project of mine on the Little Miss Mama Fan Page I apologize in advance for the picture duplications, but really people, isn’t she cute enough to see again… and again… and again*

If I had a $1,000 for every time someone said to me, “oh my goodness, look how much your little one has grown, since I last saw her”. I would be rich {sorry but a penny, nickel  or dime wouldn’t have worked in this scenario… Sofia is only 15 months}. All joking aside, our babies grow up far to quickly, and I want to soak in all the cuteness that each day holds for me. 

Join me! You have only missed 6 days… tis nothing!
Let me know if you will be hoping on board with Project 365, I would love to keep in touch and see the all the end results. IN FACT – I would love to feature them on Little Miss Mama come the end of the year… you know for an over-load of cuteness and a final HURRAY for the years end. Comment below and let me know if you will be boarding the paparazzi band-wagon, I’ll stay in touch monthly with you all, sharing our favorite shots to date. 

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