July’s Snackbox Review

We are half-way through July and you know what that means?! Our Snackboxes have arrived. That and the weather is sun shining, and kids are out of school, and Big Brother is starting to get really juicy, and…. okay. I’ll stop. You get the point. It’s a pretty fabulous time right now, and why not celebrate with a snack! July’s Snackbox is no doubt now my favorite thus far. Filled with loads of chocolaty goodness, my sweet-tooth couldn’t be more cavity’d, I mean happy. GetSnackbox.com and Erin Ireland came together this month and featured her all time favorite snacks. For those of you who don’t know who Erin Ireland is, to get to this quickly. She is a local celeb who eats ONLY things that are “to die for” and talks about it on TV {CTV Morning Live and The Rush on shaw}. Pretty sweet gig right? Well that’s not ALL she’s about, but it scratches the surface as just how awesome she is. 

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So since she chose all the goodness that went into July’s Snackbox, I thought why not chat with her for this months post. Find out what Miss Erin Ireland is all about, why she loves food so much, and what makes her snack… I mean tick!
Q: So, I hear you like food. Is this true?

A: How did you know?! Yes…I love food. I was born with the passion. Since I was little I’ve been extremely focused on the topic…I can talk about it incessantly and spend a full day with it as my focus.

Q: Tell us a little about your site, It’s To Die For, I’d love to know how it came about.

A: While working on an entertainment news show here in Vancouver, I sometimes got to interview local chefs. These food and restaurant related chats were always my favorite – the conversation always flowed so naturally. It was then that I decided to switch my career focus from entertainment to my passion: food. I started my website and began blogging. My first goal was to hone my skills enough to become a professional. A few months later I began writing a weekly restaurant review column for Metro Newspaper called Lunch Rush. This was the first of my professional gigs that I continue to build on. 

Q: So I hear July’s Snackbox is all about you. Who died and made you Queen? Only kidding, I’m just a tad envious. Tell us Erin, what is your absolute favorite snack ever?

A: Coconut Chips by Hippie Foods. They really are my definition of to die for. 

Q: I see a bit of a pattern in the “all about you” Snackbox this month Erin, do you happen to like chocolate?

A: I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Q: I think I may be most excited about the Monkey Butter, tell us how you enjoy the peanut buttery snack? What do you pair it with?

A: I love a few big dollops of Monkey Butter peanut butter on my favorite, freshly toasted gluten free bread from Two Daughters Bakeshop. The PB melts on the hot, crispy bread. It’s really fantastic. 

Q: I’ve heard an outpouring of people that say snacks that combine sweet and savory need to be banned, worldwide. Okay, so maybe this was just a bold statement made by my husband. Either way, who’s team are you on? Team Little Miss Mama or Team Poor Taste Husband?  

A: 100% sweet and savory! The secret (not so secret) to my ‘To Die For Banana Bread’ is an extra kick of salt. It makes all the other flavours pop. 

Q: You’re known around the city for your “To Die For Banana Loaf”; you willing to give up the recipe? Just between you and me?

A: You’ll have to sign my confidentiality agreement…

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