Keeping Handwritten Notes Alive {basic invite}

I wrote and passed notes in high school EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. In fact, I have a shoe box full of handwritten notes that meant more than just a pen to paper; some they confessed high school true loves or silly moments we never wanted to say allowed but never wanted to forget. It’s no wonder why people can grow a strong love for stationery, it can carry so much emotion. 

The more digital we get, the more I want to make sure that handwritten notes never fade in my house. From unexpected letters in the mail, to notes or drawings tapped to bedroom doors, lunch kit love notes and handwritten cards celebrating half birthdays. This will never stop in my house, for it will always be something I will put great efforts into. I doubt there is anything better than a portrait drawn by your child with wobbly handwritten note that reads “I love you so much”.

Just like my shoe box of notes from my high school days, I will have boxes and boxes of love notes from my children that will take me back to these very moments that I treasure so much.

I’ve partnered up with Basic Invite to remind you of the importance behind handwritten notes. From birthday cards to holiday celebrations to notes in the mail just because. A letter is not supposed to be convenient, it’s supposed to trigger a feeling within someone that shows you care, that you went the extra mile just for them. A digital card is lovely and there is a time and a place for this in the world, but a handwritten note to someone you love means so much more. 

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Speaking of the emotions that come from surprising other’s,  have you done something for yourself lately? Make yourself some personalized stationery; there is just something so fancy about writing notes on a pad of paper stamped with your name. While you’re at it, buy yourself that fancy pen too, not the one that you just got from your insurance broker, no not that one, find one that glides like butter while you write and makes you feel like you’re writing with purpose, even if it’s your grocery list. 

Basic Invite has everything from celebratory cards, to invites and stationery, holiday announcements, customizable graduation invitations, save-the-dates, wedding invitations, baby announcement, business documents and my favorite, personal stationery. After playing a little on their site, dreaming up all the fun events I wanted to plan and formally invite you to, I found a section also for free printables! You had me at free…. FUN! If you need me, you know where to find me, designing my free invite to an upcoming Halloween Bash, Eat Drink and be Scary!

You guys, SERIOUSLY, how sweet is her hand writing?

May I never forget how she flicks the end of her u’s, how she stops to think about the difference between b’s and d’s, how she reads my i’s as l’s to prove a point (must start dotting) and how she colors in the dots of her i’s. 

I will forever save her notes, her sisters notes and all those from their dad. There is just something about a handwritten note that means so much.


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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Basic Invite, but as always the opinions made are my own. 


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