Last week… in images

1. Found the most gorgeous Purse that was on a killer sale… from $100 to $69 to $49… It literally screamed my name
2. Spotted a throw pillow I just must DIY for our couch. Not only are they lovely but Sofia will love to play with the petals
3. Mama insisted that since we were buying the purse we find a pair of shoes to take advantage of the buy 1 get one 50% off deal… and so we did. 


4. Sofia deciding she was done with her bath… you know, just before she is about to get her hair washed. Little sneak
5. Insisting that ALL the toys must be in the bath… heaven forbid we leave one out, they might get sad
6. Bath time done… time to get all creamed up and ready for a nap

1. What I see each and every morning as I eat my Breakfast. You know when people say a mother eats over the sink… lots of truth to that
2. Because this is far more fun and educational than playing with the toys mommy and daddy have worked so hard to give me
3. Our very first Mother Goose Class… and loving every moment


4. Cuddles with mommy before our nap… this is how we wind down. Yes lovelies, we are not very successful at the “down” part of winding down. 
5. I’ll snack here on this Flaxseed Cookie a strange baker gave me, but when mommy attempts to feed me anything other than Apples & Yogurt I shall refuse it. 
6. Evening stroll at Lafarge Lake

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  1. I love Lafarge Lake. I used to waddle around it when I was pregnant with my son and then with the stroller. Now I just run after him 🙂


  2. great blog! gorgeous photos!


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