Let the VLOGGING begin

After much deliberation and anticipation (on my end; sorry) we finally got the ball rolling and our YouTube Channel, Delightful Chaos, and things are on a roll! We vlogged our ENTIRE TRIP from our days at Disneyland, to California Adventure Park and even a little visit to Santa Monica Pier. 

Vlog 002 //Disneyland Adventures (napping in Disneyland)
Vlog 003 //California Adventure Park (flying high without telling dad)
Vlog 004 //Santa Monica Pier (burgers for babies)
Vlog 005 //Disney Adventures (picky eater breakthrough)

We made memories that will last a lifetime, and thankfully I made a point to pull out my video camera at every moment I could so that not only could I share our travels with you, but for the girls. They will forever be able to look back at these vlogs and relive the memories and moments (especially Stella who won’t remember her first time to the happiest place on earth). 

I’m so happy that I did it, and I hope you’re too! We jumped in with both feet and fully plan on continuing in the vlogging fun in our day-to-day lives. Not nearly as exciting as the time in Disneyland but none the less our real lives! I plan on posting 1 vlog a week however I could easily see that increasing to 2 or maybe even 3 as I get better and quicker at editing. 

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