Life after Colic…

My baby girl turned 8 months on the 15th of this month, the time has just flown by. Now if you had asked me this at around month 3, my answer would have been different. I would have begged and pleaded to have things sped up. Managing a baby who is Colic is quite a task to ask of any person, let alone a first time mother. Any mamas out there that are dealing with such a draining experience as we speak, please know their is life after Colic. My husband and I didn’t think it would ever, could ever, be this difficult. But it was, I am not afraid to say it. We struggled. If their are any mamas out there in need some help with dealing with their Colic baby, please don’t hesitate to send me your stories and I can do my best to guide you through how we tackled the first 6 months of babies lives. I would feel so good to know I’ve helped even one mother out there cope. Motherhood should be a time in ones life where you can’t help be smile and ooze loving emotions all day long. Sometimes is not quite this way. Please e-mail me, I can help!

PS: Sofia Marie now is all smiles, giggles and love. My only answer to why she is such a happy baby now is…she is making up for lost time. We couldn’t be happier! Now… I ooze loving emotions 24/7


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  1. OMG! She is just to adorbs! Those jaws! Glad the colic is over for you!

    • Thanks Mama!
      I guess its only fair I give you something cute to look at every now and again. You grace me with you baby girls adorable face time and time again! I figured it’s only nice to play fair!


  2. oh my..she is just the CUTEST thing…
    I was lucky with my first being a really great baby…but have friends who have dealt with Colic and it is really really tough…I am hoping for easy again with my next lil guy…but you never know. Glad to know I can come to you for advice now should I need it:)
    Glad you stopped by my blog…so I could discover yours…definitely following along! C

    • Hello Carly!

      Please oh please keep me in mind if you ever have any BABY questions. I am your girl, my hubby and I did enough research after what we were going through I could probably answer any question you may end up with.

      Thanks so much for your comments!


  3. My little one had colic as well, he’s three now and life couldn’t be better. Wished I would’ve known there was light at the end of the tunnel but I will now be prepared for anything with the next one! ha ha

    • Monica you are AMAZING! Any parents I meet that had a rough time with Colic I look up to greatly as my heart breaks, all at the same time. No body should ever have to go through this!Motherhood is difficult enough….

      Way to go! I sure hope you know you’re amazing!


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