LIFE: Good ‘Ol Canadian Baseball Game

…take me out to the ball game! AND BUY ME POPCORN!

Went to a Vancouver Canadians game last week, a first for Sofia, but most importantly we went as one big happy family (the brady bunch ‘aint got nothing on this crew). We got seats that were in the shade, irritated our neighbors with selfie stick group shots, and when things got slow we played with auntie Lindsay’s snapchat and made ourselves into Sia (as you do). The afternoon was perfect really, we cheered loud and boo’ed hard, ate hot dogs and double dipped our french fries. We left with dirt on our shorts (thanks to running the bases after the game) and new baseball hats (because every outing is an opportunity to shop). 

FUN FACT; I played baseball most my whole childhood, from 3 years old until I have 13 or 14. I played pitcher and regret the day I called it quites. Can’t say I remember the exact day I dropped Baseball or why, but likely it was my social life that took over. 

2016-07-24 13 2016-07-24 14 IMG_7193 IMG_7200 IMG_7213 IMG_7219 IMG_7223 IMG_7228

…we don’t like mascot’s, not even a little. Dad had to come to the rescue as she was stuck in her tracks. There was no way she was going to run past the A&W Bear without backup!


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