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Life can be easy, and not by throwing your hands up and giving mercy.
Life can be made easy, and there is an app for that. 

Even if I wasn’t a blogger who is mildly obsessed with social media, I’d still find my phone as great help in making and managing everyday tasks easier. I wanted to share 5 apps that make my life overall, easier. I have had these apps on my phones both iOS and Android and I’ve kept accounts with them all for over 5 years (with the exception of 1 that I find changes with the times). These apps help save me time, stress and above all TIME (wait? what!) and this is why I consider them the the best apps for making life easier. 


Fullscreen capture 2016-01-04 20056 PMPeriod Tracker
Google Play for Android // itunes for iOS
Track your menstrual cycle on your phone, who woulda’ thought? I’ve used this app for years and years, not only to get pregnant but also to play it safe. Love everything about it, the ease, the cute little flowers that pop up on your home screen to show when you’re ovulating and of course the coolness of being able to stay on top of my body in my palm of my hand. 


Fullscreen capture 2016-01-04 20051 PMSnapseed
Google Play for Android // itunes for iOS
Editing photos can be a task in itself, which usually has me hunkered down behind the screen of my laptop for hours. But sometimes life doesn’t allow and an “on the go” adorable life moment edit is needed. I’ve used many different apps in the past and this is my most recent discovery. Love its ease of use and of course the finish product, because isn’t that what were all after? Easy, on-the-go perfection?


Fullscreen capture 2016-01-04 20053 PMPayByPhone
Google Play for Android // itunes for iOS
Paying for parking is already a pain, and waiting in line to hand over my money is right above there with top things that irritate me. I don’t know how many times this app has saved my bacon, not only with beating a line at the meter (I’m looking at you Vancouver Aquarium) but also for when time runs out and I’m no where near being ready to leave. It reminds you of your time and allows you to top up payment giving you more of it. Genius! 


Fullscreen capture 2016-01-04 20046 PM

Google Play for Android // itunes for iOS
This saves me in many ways, it’s my photo life preserver if you will. First, I have Dropbox setup to automatically download phone photos onto my computer. A great way to not only backup and store photos, but save the stress of a phone that can’t function due to no space. Secondly it’s super easy to pass photos between my computer and phone to share on social media without having to save, edit and upload. Just open and post. Love Dropbox!


Fullscreen capture 2016-01-04 20049 PMWhatsApp Messenger
Google Play for Android // itunes for iOS
If you don’t already know of this app I would be surprised. You should be using it more if you don’t, and by more I mean DAILY. Just like a text message minus the cost involved in sending one. It’s really that simple. WhatsApp connects with your phones data to send text messages for free, even better if you’re connected to wifi then it’s all FREE. It also makes for great fun when looking to host an ongoing group chat, like mine who consist of groups called “the wives club” and “bridal bitches”. 


HEY? HELLO! What are some of your favorite apps, like changing or not, I wanna know!


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