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Just a few weeks back I got my hands on a new gadget for your feet. Why does this make me happy? Two reasons; I’m a sucker for gadgets and I strive for smooth and healthy feet all year round. I’m talkin’ bout fresh from the spa silky smooth feet and heels, the ones that have no place in a sock and at night get rubbed up on your mans leg just to silently prove there beauty. Ha! I can’t be alone on this one, am I?

I’ve now used the Micro Pedi for 2 weeks one end and the difference is crazy. It’s really one of those shocking before and afters you see circulating on Facebook you can’t help but share. But of course no pictures because I would hate to have my name connected with a dry ugly foot. Or heaven forbid be known as the blogger with the crazy before and after foot sensation. Right? All these years of blogging to end up with that title was just something I was not willing to sacrifice. So ladies, you will have to take my word for it, I promise you it stands true.

//Dry heels is something I’ve always dealt with, pedicures were less of a luxury and more of a must during the summer season for this girl. Wearing sandals and going bare foot were totally not avoidable over the sunny months and therefore something needed to be done on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, I was in no form complaining about the forced pedicure I had to endure every 14 days, but my bank sure took a hit. Always looking for new gadgets and creams that would be the answer to my problem, never striking it rich. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago when I cracked my nipple, yes you read that right, breastfeeding woes were my biggest of problems then. I was on the hunt to find a cream to help heal a breastfeeding wound and this is when I found Lanolin Cream. I used it for as long as I needed, which wasn’t too long since Sofia was Lactose intolerant, leaving behind a substantial bottle of liquid gold, I knew I could use it again. I tried it on my heels a few months later, I mean if they could heel a cracked nipple they would do wonders for cracked and dry heels. Right? I was so right! I’ve been using this ointment ever since, lengthening my visits between pedicures substantially. Then we met the Micro Pedi, and our need for pedicures are actually now a desire for a forced break and foot rub.

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My feet, bank and husband would like to pass along their deepest gratitude. Thank you to both Lanolin and Micro Pedi for their amazing efforts in saving what we all thought was a lost cause. Thank you for allowing me to squish my feet in between Sammy’s thighs every night, for saving my family from eating kraft dinner by the months end, and of course allowing bare feet every sunny day that graces us. Those are the things we are thankful for today.


HAVE YOU tried the Micro Pedi? What did you think? And will you be combining it with my trial tested nipple cream for the win? You just must, I promise you will not be disappointed.


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