LIFESTYLE: It’s Never A Good Time


I prefer to wait for the perfect time to do something. An ideal evening to visit with a friend, a convenient time to go see a movie, a good time to treat myself to a pedicure and the optimum moment to take a vacation, but I’m slowly realizing that no time will ever be the perfect time to do much of anything. I’m not here to convince you that it’s a great idea to max out the credit card to go on a luxurious vacation to Bora Bora because you’ve been dreaming of, I’m just here to tell you if I can give you any sorta’ advice, it’s you must start looking to now as being the right time for anything. 

20160624_164417_001-01My cousins and I have been planning a girls weekend for at least 2 years now and nothing has ever really came of. Ideas were thrown out, plans were in motion, the dream (and childish-excitement) was there but no real solid dates had been set; we’re busy people that don’t live in the same city. 

Then something changed, frame of mind, that’s all it took. Dates were throw out and a weekend was sounding fairly promising, not perfect but promising. With a little extra work and efforts on everyone’s part, we could make it happen. Shifts were looking to be covered, options in childcare was being sourced and ferry reservations were looking to be made. It was actually going to happen, and although it seemed like a lot of work on everyone’s part to get to this point and not the best timing for all, we knew that no time would be the best time.  

48-hours since the epic weekend and I can’t help but think how sad this would’ve been if we had put it off any longer. We had no real solid plans other than some fun ideas of shopping until we were broke, eating until we regretted it, dancing like nobody was watching and all the reminiscing and relaxing we could fit in until we could no longer keep our eyes open. We did it all. 

Was the timing right? Not entirely
Did it take some work? Absolutely
Did we have an amazing time together? Yes

…guess what, we all went back to our lives exactly how we left them, feeling happy, rejuvenated, relaxed, accomplished; we did it!

No time will ever be perfect, no moment will ever be ideal, make time for those things that are important they rarely just fall into your lap. Anything that’s worth something takes great effort and much sacrifice.


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