LINKS I LOVE (and know you will too)


Links I love and just HAD to share with you this week. No better way to start your week I’d say:

1. What your daughters morning hairstyle says about you (via
2. DIY Bra Strap Extension for Backless Tops & Dresses (via Spankie Valentine TV)
3. The Power of Makeup (via Nikki Tutorials)

4. Tag, YOUR IT (via reddit)
5. DIY Tiny Dancers (via Babble Dabble Do)
6. #MirrorChallenge (via Anastasia Amour)

7. Bubble Painting (via Mama. Papa. Bubba.)
8. Flowergirl Photobomb (via Huffington Post)
9. Stain Solutions (via U of I Extension)


AWESOME right? I mean what’s their not to love about a post that brings your straight goods on a Monday morning. Pretty sure this should keep you busy until your lunch break!


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