Little Miss Mama’s Shop is OPEN

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You heard it right…Little Miss Mama has finally got her first item up on ETSY
I have been toying with the idea for far too long, however I have decided to put my heart and soul into what I love doing {pretty much anything CRAFTY that makes my house look a mess} and there you have it. My first item is a Digital Copy of a Custom Baby Shower Invitation. Made for my own Baby Shower in August, who knows, maybe someone else out there will have the same idea when it comes to their baby shower, and this Invitation will be just perfect. 

So if you, or know someone who is in the market for Vintage Inspired Tea Party Baby Shower Invitations, you now know where to send them…Little Miss Mama’s ETSY Shop.

I will be working on new goodies to add to the shop daily, so make sure you check back for more. Thinking that the Shop needs some Vintage Tea Cups, Adorable Custom Hair Bands, Fabulous Shoe Clips and possibly even some Custom Jewelry? Your thoughts? Anything you wanna see that I didn’t mention? If I know of a desire I would be more than happy to come up with something, Little Miss Mama Style, and get it out in the wonderful world of ETSY. 

Hope you enjoy whats ahead!



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  1. yahoo! congrats to you! chach & nellie

  2. congrats!

  3. Are you still making these invitations? They are perfect!

  4. Are you still making these invitations? They are perfect!

  5. Sorry JamieSheets I’m not 🙁

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