Look for Less: Nikki Hilton

Nikki Hilton, unlike her sister, makes very good decisions. Fashion; usually keeping it quite classy and beautiful, Mama Hilton can be happy she did not completely fail. When it comes to this “animal instinct” outfit Nikki is wearing, she is doing everything right.  From a Leather Jacket to an Animal Print Bag to a Colored Jean topping it off with a Bow on her Heels. Can we ask for anything more from Nikki? Maybe a few nights stay at her Hotel in New York this Summer?

Forever21 | Colored Skinny Jeans | $27.80

This year colored pants are all the rage. Jeans, Cords, Leggings and Jeggings, as long as they are colorful they are acceptable it seems.  Make sure when you are choosing a vibrant pant this year that you still stay true to what style suits your body and a color that enhances your skin tone. 
Dynamite | Faux Leather Blazer | $42.90

Leather cannot only take an outfit from boring to chic, but it can complete many ensembles that I bet are sitting in your closet right now, waiting to be strut. A good finishing piece, like a Leather Jacket, can really pull together your wardrobe. So if you are toying with the idea of buying another pair of jeans, put it at the waist-side and invest in a leather jacket.

Leopard seems to be the go to Animal Print of the season. Not only can it be a successful pairing with a casual outfit but can also liven up your Little Black Dress that you have been dying to get into again. Are you new to the Leopard Rage? If so, introducing the racy print in an accessory as in a purse, belt, or shoe is a safe and comfortable route to start. Until of course you get enough compliments that encourage you to take the plunge on a fiery Leopard Silk Cami. Have fun this Season, walk on the Wild side.  Add a little animal in your life. 

“You got designer shades, just to hide your face, you wear them around like you’re cooler than me” best said by Mike Posner. Outsized Sunglasses can take you from the everyday “girl next door” to a “celebrity in training”. I find even myself when I see the right pair of shades on a girl, I double take wondering if she is someone I should recognize. Pair them with an unwieldy beautiful hat, and you’re bound to get stopped for an autograph. 
Old Navy | Pleated Shoulder Top | $15.00

It doesn’t get more basic than a Black, Long Sleeved, Round Neck T-Shirt. Don’t go thinking this is plain and blah, because it is far from that. It’s a perfect laying piece that you will use weekly.  So when you are looking for a basic, think quality, because you will use it time and time again.

Since we are raving about layering so much… see how I have used layering here, both for fashion and for the chilly Vancouver weather. 

Charlotte Russe | Bow Front Patent Heel | $28.00

Adding a detail to your shoes, like a charmingly sweet bow, can really stand you out in a crowd. If you are unsure about investing in a Shoe that has a specific detail like this Charlotte Russe Bow Patent Heel, then may I suggest purchasing or making a Shoe Accessory that can be added to your existing Shoes? You’re only as interesting as your Shoes, I’d say.  

Speaking of fabulous shoes…see my DIY Shoe Accessories here, and here.


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  1. I’m all about colored denim and I love it paired with leopard!

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