Look for Less: Paris Hilton



Paris was spotted in Nice, France Airport on May 26th wearing an ensemble that we are not quite used to seeing Miss Hilton in. Far less “look at me… I’m Paris Hilton… I made a sex video and pretend that I’m ashamed” of an outfit, one that I would actually consider being inspired from. An ensemble that scream casual chic. Wouldn’t you agree? I believe it’s the Hat and Glasses that really bring the Chic to the outfit, it just goes to show how accessories can take you from grocery shopping to red carpet. I will swear by this. An outfit isn’t complete until you have swam in an ocean of accessories. The more, the merrier. 

PS: always remember, to take one accessory off before you walk out the door. Just a lil’ tip I learnt someplace – TeeHee


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