Look For Less: Rhianna

Rhianna changes her style, as often as us Mama’s change diapers. Although I am not much of a “fan”, I can appreciate her street fashion when we catch her out. Casual, Comfortable, and Chic…. The 3 C’s that I connect to Rhianna as I see her in all the Celebrity Mags. This outfit is no different, and although most of us choose not to spend thousands of dollars on a single purse {not to say we don’t have love for you Fendi}, however we all can take inspiration from and purchase a little piece of heaven in a clutch.

Dorothy Perkins | Gold Sparkle Pocket Shirt | $17.00

I put this shirt in the category, basic with style. This is a fairly basic shirt.  However it has enough detail that it can be worn solo and still shine. With details to the neckline, a pocket  and cuffed sleeves, it’s one of those fabulous pieces that can be worked into the mixture layered or worn on its own. 
Kohl’s | ELLE Skinny Jeans | $27.99

Some find the Skinny Jean to be just as daunting as the Great Wall of China. Many steer away from them thinking they cannot pull it off. However I am here to tell you anyone can pull off the Skinny, as long as they pay close attention to the wash and what’s paired with them. Stay with a dark wash to hide imperfections and don’t choose a distressed thigh if it’s not your favorite feature of yours.

Interested on how a curvy women can pull off The Skinny, come here and see.   
Heels.com | Michael Antonio Loveme Pump | $44.99

A nude pump is like a basic black shirt. Worn more times than Lindsay Lohan has appeared in court. My rule of thumb is, if you are going to be wearing it that often, make sure the quality is superior. Spend a little extra, and be happy with them still years down the road.

See how spending a little more, really pays off here.

A clutch is one of those things that you can’t get away with not owning. Why should you either, when it can be paired with absolutely anything. Jeans – check…. Little Black Dress – check…. Ball Gown – check…. You can’t go saying this about a Messenger Bag now can you?

Accessories like Watches are timeless if purchased correctly. If you are looking to add a versatile piece to your accessory drawer, then let it be a Gold Watch this season. It can be worn down, with your  favorite Leather Jacket and Boots or dolled up with a sweet printed Dress and Cardigan. And of course, if you need more convincing, it  tells you how late you are to your next appointment.  


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