Look for Less: Sarah Jessica Parker

We all know and love Miss SJP, I mean really how could you not? For me, she has opened my eyes to mixing styles {t-shirts with skirts}, patterns {polka dots with stripes} and odd ball colors {peach with mustard and red}. Whether you’re into the SATC Series or movies, you can appreciate her attitude when it comes to fashion, as long as your wearing confidence panties you can pull anything off. 

Sarah Jessica Parker LOOKFORLES

PS: I have a serious love for Dorothy Perkins. If you have not heard of them or shopped there, then drop what you’re doing and GO. GO. GO.


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  1. I really love Sharah. She really opened up new possibilities for all fashionistas 🙂

  2. I love that yellow skirt, all of it is really classy chic! 🙂 Loved having you on the All Women Stalk blog today!!! xoxo

  3. Hey hey, I’m your newest follower (Very Busy Mama Blog) I’m all about the look for less 🙂 Impressive blog, I’m still working on the look of mine! xo

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