Loving yourself; why is it so hard?

Things for me, that are difficult (borderline impossible);

  1. keeping the car clean with 2 kids
  2. freshly painted nails chip-free after 48 hours
  3. not worrying about what others think of me, in every aspect of life
  4. losing at board games
  5. stopping myself from eating all-the-sour-keys
  6. loving myself 

Pretty sure 1 through 5 are explainable, but why is it SO DAMN HARD to love yourself? Please someone tell, it’s a legitimate question I’m asking here! Why do people (myself included) struggle so much with something that should be the easiest, something that should come naturally, I mean we’ve gotten ourselves through many years of life, why doesn’t this impress us enough to have all the love and appreciation in the world for ourselves?

DUDE! The counting chicken on America’s Got Talent blows my mind with amazement, and yet here I am, making it through high-school drama, too many rounds of heartache, planning a Wedding as a Wedding Planner and growing and giving birth to 2 babies, but still I’m left unimpressed with my own reflection.  

You guys! over the last few months I have been paying a lot more attention to these ridiculous hangups I have about myself, and trying to really get to the bottom of them…like WHY?! Why am I so hard on myself, why am I not happy with who I am, and why can’t I seem to kick this feeling of never being good enough?

I’m going to get there, once and for all ‘cuz I’m sorta’ thinking 34 years (on Friday) is about enough time spent not loving myself completely; wouldn’t you agree?

WHO’S COMING WITH ME? It’s time we start appreciating ourselves for what we’ve accomplished already in life, loving ourselves the way we are and not continue to strive for a standard of beauty the media has created, and it’s time we start being ourselves once and for all!



Let’s get started THIS WEEKEND! Something simple, a little insta-love to us, from us. A 3-day photo challenge; take a picture, tag it with #lmmselflove and post it. Simple, but hopefully a start in the right direction of learning more about why we struggle so much with simply loving ourselves the way we are. So here is the challenge friends:

Day 1 (Friday, August 11th) post a photo of your favorite thing about yourself
Day 2 (Saturday, August 12th) post a photo of something that you’re proud of
Day 3 (Sunday, August 13th) post a photo of something that makes you happy

Head on over to our Instagram account and comment on anyone of my images letting me know you’ll be joining in on our little Self Love Photo Challenge. Getting started this Friday, simply follow the prompts I posted here for each day this weekend, story it up if you’d like but don’t forget to tag it with #lmmselflove. I will be going through each night and reading and commenting all your posts, I CAN’T WAIT!



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