Luggage Haul (for Disneyland)

We all know that half the fun of planning a vacation is the countdown (hello! paper chains for the win) and of course searching out and purchasing new things for the trip too; no?! Is that just me? Hello, my name is Tairalyn and I’m a SHOPAHOLIC. Either way, we’ve increased our luggage to include a few new things that I just had to share with you because I’m so excited to put them to good use this Family holiday. 

Here you have the 5 most recent additions to our luggage (yes, I left that very open for more possible additions):


Water Floaty // Retails $15
We’re headed back to the same house we stayed at (and loved) the last time we visited Disneyland (check it out here). The house comes stocked, like I mean STOCKED for all things a family may and hopefully will not need (I’m looking at you set of family rain ponchos) while on vacation. I saw this flamingo pool floaty and just had to have it. It takes up nearly no room in our luggage and I think it will be just perfect for Stella’s first time in a pool. Side note; how lucky is this kid to have her first pool experience in California?





Piggyback Rider // Retails $90
The moment I saw this backpack online I thought how awesome it would be for the babes in Disneyland. It would put the kids above the sea of heads and have a forever front row seat to all parades no matter where we’re standing. Not sure who’s more excited about the Piggyback Riders first main voyage, Sofia or Sammy (his shoulders take beating at amusement parks or long walks). Here’s to winning at all the parades and street shows this time around.  

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Camera & Phone Tripod // Retails $20
I’ve been needing a mini tripod for ages, but it isn’t until a few little changes in our lives that I’ve realized how much easier it would make my life. For one it’s handy to have for photos in general, especially when it’s sturdy and versatile enough to hold a DSLR as well as my cell phone. And finally now that we’ve started to vlog, a tripod is sorta’ a necessity. I researched online, watched and read a ton of reviews and this one seems to be the overall favorite with everyday people and vloggers alike. So, I went ahead and added it to my cart and made it mine; stay tuned for some vlogs from our Disney trip!





Autograph Books // via Tell Another Story // Retails $10+
This time around autographs are totally happening. It’s been 2 years since we went last, putting Sofia at 3 years old her first visit, she was still very unsure of Mickey, Minnie and the gang and we sorta’ dodged the whole autograph bullet. This time however is a completely different story, she is all about it. After checking out what our traditional options were in an autograph book I thought we could do something better. That’s when I found Kim, a lovely lady with a genius idea; she takes old Disney classic kids books and turns them into autograph books. She keeps the story intact but also adds in a ton of blank pages for your littles to have signed by all the character. Seriously amazing! 

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Family Passport Wallet // via Pecan Tree Creations // Retails $16+
I can’t be the only one who travels with an organized binder? From reservation printouts, to boarding passes and itineraries… I mean where the heck else do you keep it? I like to feel organized, but let’s be honest I don’t always look it. After hearing someone on a local mom Facebook group say she was looking for a “Family Passport Wallet” my interest peaked. Say What?! It sounded very organized whatever it was, I needed it. After a little research I saw it’s exactly what I need for this trip and all future family holidays. Found a local mama who designed them and boom! I made it mine.

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ABSOLUTELY ZERO promises this is the end of shopping for things to take on our trip, but for now, this will have to do. With the way things are looking this time around, I may need another piece of luggage even before I get there and go outlet shopping. Poor Sammy, he’s probably reading this now and wishing he hadn’t cleared our credit cards before the trip! 


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