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It comes a time in everyone’s life when sleep wins. Lunch time siesta’s don’t happen often around here, and by this I mean never. Sofia fell asleep at the table while munching away at her meal for the very first time a few weeks ago and I just couldn’t help myself. These image I see gracing many screens in years to come, including graduation day and at her wedding; it’s one of those moments if not captured in an image, it’s hard to image how surreal the moment was.

Their are many moments through out our children’s first years that make for captured masterpieces. From first smiles to their first tooth, to crawling, and their first steps, the list we all know is endless. I captured all of these and then-some, and I truly mean that; first taste of food, first 8 hours of sleep {we all know the relief we got from this milestone}, first roll over and first kiss, first tutu and first words, first bubble blowing attempt, first swing ride and first ice cream. Although it’s repeated over and over and over, these first moments will never be seen again, capturing it is key and capturing it exactly how you saw it is priceless.


ABOUT THE APP :: Canon has come up with the absolute best way to ensure you capture all your child’s firsts, not only in an image you can cherish for the years to come, but remember it exactly how you saw it. Canon’s plan your moments baby app is easy to use and beyond helpful. Organizing your child’s firsts moments you won’t want to miss out on capturing, with pro-led tips on how to obtain the perfect shot; from lighting to lenses and camera settings, taking the guess work and hours of photo editing out of your already busy schedule. I couldn’t be more excited to bring this app to you now, for all you first time mother’s, or mother’s who have taken a a brave step into adding more stick figures to your mini-van window. Canon’s plan your moments baby app is where it’s at to save you stress, time, and money. The app is designed in 4 sections, o to 3 months 4 to 7 months 7 to 9 months and 10 to 12 months; providing some classic moments you won’t wan’t to miss taking of your child’s first year milestones and moments. Giving expert yet easy to mimic advise on lighting and angles, it’s sometimes these images of inspiration is all we need to produce that one image we will cherish for life. Canon’s plan you moments baby app is a must for every mother out there.

My lunch time siesta shoot, was literally point, shoot, and share. After the realization that I was getting no response from my motherly nagging duties “bubba, eat up. only a few more bites“, I took a different view to see why. Completely asleep. I did what any mother would’ve done in my position, ran for my camera. Picked it up, turned it on, set it to manual mode, checked my lighting, moved myself accordingly and shot the images you see above. No editing,  no nothing, in all it’s raw beauty, this is exactly how I saw it.

The Canon Rebel SL1 makes me look good. Less time editing and more time in the bathroom putting on one of my five minute faces. No seriously, this camera is far from daunting and combined with Canon’s plan your moments baby app,  it makes it that much more obtainable to get pro-like images everyday, each and every milestone you wish you capture; just as you saw it.



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  1. This camera is on my wish list for my birthday/christmas. I love that you are so good about capturing these little moments. I too am thankful for a parent who was diligent about snapping photos all the time and the many albums full we have to flip through. Now if only I could get my butt in gear and make some albums myself… I know what I am doing over the summer.

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