Mail Arrived….

Received 2 packages in the mail that I have been WAITING for and couldn’t be happier they made it here before Sofia arrived. I have full intentions on bringing you reviews on both items, however for now I can only show you pictures and give you some idea of how I think they will make my life easier. Once they have both been put to use I will no doubt create a new post with a full review. 

Package #1I got a Nanny… a Pocket Nanny that is!

What is the Pocket Nanny?
An Award Winning baby-care timer with a host of helpful features for new parents.  The ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny is a multi-purpose tool designed to help new parents learn, remember, and communicate the basic details of baby-care. Many new parents are over-whelmed and over-tired, and have a difficult time recalling simple tasks like: how long ago they last changed a diaper, fed the baby or gave the baby medication.
No longer will this be a worry with the ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny, I can’t wait to put this Nanny to use, and as we all know Nanny’s come with a name, and we shall call her Fran.

Watch out for an upcoming review on Fran, the ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny after Sofia Marie is born. I know I will need it, as my memory seems to be as sharp as a spoon these days. 

ITZBEEN Pocket Nanny 
Website –

Package #2 – I got confidence… a Nursing Bra that makes me feel lovely again!

I have been on the hunt for quite sometime for the perfect Nursing Bra that didn’t leave me feeling down and in the dumps. I wanted to feel like a beautiful mother and sexy wife all at the same time. Big boots to fill, I found that in this Bra. Finding it locally, I am always up for looking online to see if I can find it at a better price. Lucky me I stumbled across Now that’s Lingerie. Better price, superb Customer Service and, seriously fast and affordable Shipping. From what I can tell you thus far, the Bra is exactly what I had tried on in store however still saved on the price of the Bra even after shipping. 

Now that’s Lingerie doesn’t specialize in Maternity Bra’s however they do have a great selection, what they do specialize in is making women feel sexy, beautiful and fabulous all at a price that leaves enough in our pockets to go out and buy a pair of shoes that will go flawlessly with our new Lingerie. 

Watch out for a review on the Bra once it has been put to the test, when Sofia Marie arrives and demands me like no one ever has before. 

Now that’s Lingerie

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  1. Cute stuff! I wanted to follow your blog but I don’t see GFC. Am I missing it? I just listed you in the blog help forum as one to follow but I have to find the GFC first! lol

  2. I can hardly find a bra to fit me when I’m not nursing, so when I am I just have to take whatever I can get. (which is usually hideous and too big). Bra manufacturers seem to think nearly flat chested small circumferenced girls don’t have babies (or if they do, they suddenly go up 5 cup sizes and 4 inches around). Sigh… Glad you found a pretty nursing bra!

  3. The itzbeen is the best thing ever! You will love it.

  4. Thanks for all the comments ladies!!!

    Sadie: I think I have it fixed, blogger has not been my friend over the years…such random things go on. I know, one day I will make the switch to WordPress

    Sheri: I hear you! It was a very difficult task to find anything I liked the look of and also how it made my new “rack” look. So happy to have found a reputable online supplier.

    Baby Shopaholic: You have one? You love it? I packed it in my hospital bag, should I use it from day one you suggest?


  5. Tairalyn,
    I love all your blogs (and your DIY is really impressive) – they are all written with such warmth and excitement. I was so pleased to see what you’d written about your new nursing bra, and our team at Now That’s Lingerie – I know we’ve been in touch via e-mail, and reading your wonderful comments about our service and products make my day! I can’t wait to share your blog with the rest of our team. Thank you so much!

    Still crossing my fingers for you that Sofia Marie arrives on time!

    Warmest regards, Lisa & Now That’s

  6. Thank you Lisa! Thank you so much for your comments. I am very pleased with the Bra as well as both you and Celine’s service, I can’t thank you both enough.

    Glad you like the Blog and hope to make you and Celine both a follower 🙂


  7. Dear Tairalyn,

    Just checked back to see how you are doing and congrats on Baby Sofia! She is just so beautiful, and I bet you are so excited to dress her in her adorable little outfits all the time. 🙂

    We are definitely checking out your blog, check out our fashion blog too! 🙂

    Don’t forget to take time to yourself!
    All the best,
    Lisa & Celine

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