Making life beautiful; one fridge memory at a time


A fridge is the soul of your family, in more way than you may think. It hosts all your favorite foods and drinks, which says a lot about your entire family, it also hosts art, family photos, reminders and grocery lists. It’s really he heart of your house, no? Don’t you agree? Weird how something like a fridge can say so much about you as a family. Our’s rings true to all that you see on it.

Minimalists on the outside but extreme complication on the inside; in a good way of course.

I love putting photo’s up on our fridge. I walk by it far too many times in my day, and open it probably more than I should, but each and every time it adds a little smile to my face. To see those moments in our lives captured just as I remember them, what could be better? A little while  ago I shared a similar image on instagram and it got me thinking, do others do the same thing? Is their fridge the heart of their home, covered in family goodness?


You see, I add to these fridge memories all the time. Every time I take a shot that speaks to me, a moment that I just can’t live without reminiscing over, I print it off and add it to our collection. Soon, their will be no room, and by soon I mean by Summer I am sure of it. But one things for sure, I consider myself very lucky that printing these photos are easy for me, I literally mean SIMPLE. I have an Epson Expressions All-In-One Printer that allows me to print an image from my phone or computer faster than I can eat a jello pudding cup {trust me, that’s fast, maybe even a world record}. Epson has “an app for that” called iprint, making printing easy, wireless, and on-the-go. Seriously. I can be taking pictures anywhere, at a park, at the pool, and simply send the image on wifi to my home printer, who will print it and have it ready and waiting for me when I get home. GENIUS RIGHT?!

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Other than the amazing-ness of it’s printing quality and capability, it’s also a scanner and a fax machine. The Epson Expressions Printer seriously makes my life easy. Easier than it needs to be, and for that I am thankful. It’s the little things right? I use it daily, from picture printing, to coupons, and diy projects, even simple documents our family needs in a hard copy. Everyone needs a good printer in their life, and it should be an Epson.

If you’re in the market for a new printer, and are looking for not only quality, but affordability. I can’t tell you enough how much we love our Epson Expressions All-In-One Printer. It does everything we wan’t, plus more. The wireless printing feature alone does it for me, but the quality is what get’s me every time. It small, fit perfectly in my mini den and stands up to it’s name “all-in-one”. 


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