Making your Resolutions last…

1. No more midnight online shopping sprees

2. No more junk food after 10pm
3. More Water… Less Soda

….failed resolutions from years gone past. I’ve succeeded more at failing my new years resolutions than I have at actually completing one. Sad – but I’m not beating myself up over it, as I know I’m not alone. Can I get an ah-men sistas?!?

Now having a mini-me running around at our ankles, it’s a constant reminder that I should actually follow through with one of my resolutions for the New Year. What type of example would I be setting if I made myself a promise I couldn’t keep? I remember that was one thing that I trusted as a child, if my mother made a promise, no doubt would it come to life. She always kept a promise! I wan’t to give Sofia Marie this sense of belief and trust in me. So starting off with following through on a resolution would be a good place to start. Would it not?

After reading up on how others make and keep their New Years Promises to themselves, I decided to share a collection of what I have read and some of my own:

1. Make a a resolution that’s realistic and obtainable {…from Lauren Conrad}
2. So you don’t forget about your goals, set yourself a monthly reminder {…from Lauren Conrad}
3. Move past the doubt, trust that you are able to do it – push yourself {…from forbes}
4. Tell someone you love, share your goals, and make yourself accountable
5. Baby steps. Work your way bit by bit to obtain your over-all goal {…from HITC}
6. Pick just one. Don’t stretch yourself. You can always make more as the year contiunes {…from HITC}
7. Make pleasant resolutions, as succeeding in these will help with the more difficult {…from The Happiness Project}
8. Treat yourself. If you have gone a month with sticking with it, praise yourself.
9. Expect set backs, but stay on track {…from Skinny Mom}
10. Write them down, keep them a place you will be forever reminded 
Adult New Years Resolution Printable – thanks to “stay at home artist
Kids New Years Resolution Printable – thanks to “30 handmade days
Writing them down is going to be the most important of the 10 steps above, for if you don’t put them on paper they are not in fact a true resolutions. Writing them down will hold you accountable, and remind you daily. And to help with this lovelies, I have found two fabulous FREE Printables, one for you, and one for your little ones {for those who have them}. Hit the links above and get yours now. 

50 Printables for your New Years Resolutions – thank to “Tip Junkie

For those of you looking for a little organization in your lives, look no more. I found 50 fabulous FREE Printables to help with making life easier. From making goals, to keeping track of family birthdays, to Meal Planners and Grocery Lists, to Food Diaries and Fitness Trackers. Hit up the link above and get some, or all of them today. You can never be too organized, I promise!
Share with me lovelies, some of your New Years Resolutions… or should I say your ONE New Years Resolution 😉 !


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