Mama does Vancouver Fashion Week

Guess who’s going to Vancouver Fashion Week in a 12 days time?

This means many exciting things going on in this little head of mine… what to wear, what to wear, and of course what to wear! When I attend events that are fashion focused, my catwalk dreams come to life. You see…. a lot of what I see on the runway, I would kill to have grace my skin. A lot believe runway fashion is just a fashion feast for your eyes, not something one would ever actually wear out in public. Most of these pieces I have a secret love and attraction to. When opportunities like Fashion Week come along, I let loose. My nerves are at bay of what people might think of my choice in ensemble, knowing I will not be alone in the room with my wild ways. 

Wearing runway inspired clothing is far from practical, especially as a mother, I know this! However this doesn’t mean I have to shut that closet door in my life forever. It just means that when I do attend these sorts of events, I bask in the glory of wearing these pieces I dream about at night.  

I will only be attending one night of Vancouver Fashion Week {Friday, March 22nd}, and my heart is are set on an outfit with tulle, tulle, and more tulle. This week I will be playing with meters and meters of black and eggplant tulle that will hopefully be the base of my ensemble for Fashion Week. A skirt that will require and area code in itself. This tutu made chic will be anything but simple. I hope to embellish it with crystals, and complete it with a black satin bow. Let’s just pray all that I am dreaming up, will actually come together. Time will tell. Time will indeed tell.  


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