Mama Does Vancouver Fashion Week

So remember when I told you I went to Fashion Week, how about when I became brutally ill 24 hours after, do you recall that? Yeah well I’m just coming to now… no kidding! I have been down and out for almost 10 days. Horrible! It really should not be legal for mother’s or babies to get sick like this. Just downright wrong!

Anyways… enough complaining! Onto the recap that I wished I could have given you lovelies last week. I’m sure the words I  could have written last week would be much more comical, and, yet barely legible. I was rightfully so, not “all there”, its best it was left until today.

My Tulle Skirt Project did not dissapoint, and in my eyes, I had the perfect outfit for the perfect fashion night out that any fashion mama could ask for. The night didn’t start fabulous with the shrieks of a toddler as I walked out the door, however I knew that she was in good hands. She would have a fabulous time with her daddy, if only she knew where I was going, she might be a little less reluctant to see me go. One day! The day she walks out the door with me, with grand amounts of excitement and anticipation on her first ever Fashion Show experience. Oh how I dream of this day.  

The line-up was incredible. With all being experienced designers, myself along with all the other fashionable spectators were in for a treat. Some of my favorites were Goldie and Theresa Chen, absolutely incredible. Goldie’s symmetry was insane, along with leather accents, just out of this world. Theresa Chen brought sweet and sexy together flawlessly, with floral accents and beautiful soft curved edges. A fashionable feast for the eyes one could never forget. 

The Designers Line-up for the evening:

… catching up with Britta from Vancouver Vogue, never gets old. With neon pumps that she DIY’d how could I not LOVE HER?


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