May’s Snackbox Review

With another month almost behind us, it can only mean one thing…. another yummy Snackbox delivered via Delivered promptly on the 16th of the month{as snackboxes are sent out on the 15th}, I’ve deemed this months Snackbox my favorite yet. Packed with Chocolatey, Natcho’ey, Gummy Bear’ey goodness, who could say no to this box of healthy snacks? 

As you can see Sofia Marie quickly chose her bag of goodies from the box, literally just as I opened it. It’s funny how even at 22 months she can sniff out the most candy like treats. She snatched up the Organic Gummy Bears faster than she can walk… “that’s my girl”! Didn’t feel guilty at all letting her snack on a few of these after her afternoon nap. They are made of Organic Fruit Juices, absolutely no Corn Syrup or GMOs, Gluten Free, and Casein Free. Besides, she deserve it from all that hard work playing in her water sensory bin all morning, and giving mama a solid 3 hour nap, while I clean and get some work done. Well earned treat I would say. 

Although Sammy got to the box before I could say “hey – who do you think you are, these are all mine”, he inhaled both the seasnax and the KIND Snacks Nut and Fruit Bar. So of course I asked him to give me the low down for both:

The SEASNAX are exactly what they say, 

strangely addictive!

The bar was the best I’ve even eaten. 

Honestly. Seriously. We’re getting more right?

As for my favorites, I tell you it was not easy, and it came very close between the RW Curry-Mango Garcia Dippers, the magically shaped natcho chip, and the LifeBites, the dark chocolate and coconut covered dried banana snacks. But If I must chose, and someone must win, then it will be the LifeBites. They stole my heart again, and again, and again, and again ten more times {their were 13 pieces in my snackpack}. Ohhh how I wish I had some more, right now. Who knows, maybe I will be surprised in next months box with another bag. You know, that’s the best part of the concept behind and what I love so much. The excitement it builds in our family for the arrival of our next box of healthy snacks, not knowing what they will be, or if I have ever heard of them before. When Sammy and I get down to the last few bites of our entire snackbox, we’re so bummed, and left searching our home for a similar alternative to crunch and munch on. Never can we find a comparable match, we really must learn how to better stretch our snackbox, that…. or order a larger size. 

Here is the rundown of what came in our May’s Snackbox:

If you are still contemplating giving’s Snackbox a try, don’t. Until the 31st of May you can get 50% off your first box with the code LITTLEMISSMAMA. It’s a win win, you can try it out and a ridiculously low cost, and see if you love it as much as our family. We all know our family is going to snack, its only natural. We have TV nights, game nights, sports, school, all of these things call for snacking, at least with Snackbox you know your providing your family a healthy option. Right?! Snackbox

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* This post is sponsored by I have been given the opportunity to try their monthly snack boxes, however all opinions are my own. I love what stands for, and their vision as a company, I truly believe this, and otherwise would not share them with you. 


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