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It’s hard to hide all the deliciousness we’ve been posting on our Instagram feed lately, I mean can you blame me?Farm raised, free range, grass fed meat, what’s not to love (unless of course you’re a vegetarian, and in that case we’re very sorry)?

If it’s not from Meridian Meats, frankly I don’t want it. No wait! Scrap that, my sister is going to kill me if she reads this. If what you’re bringing to the table ain’t from Meridian Meats or my sister’s farm, then I ain’t sittin’ down for dinner. Honest to goodness you can taste the difference in a good quality meat, don’t believe me, then try it. I mean I’m not a chef, but seriously the dinner’s (and brinners) that I’ve been dishing out these days deserve a full-page spread in bon appetit. This is 2 weeks running people, I’m thinking my beginners luck just hasn’t run out, that or Meridian is making me look good.

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We’ve been shopping at Meridian Meats ever since moving to the Tri-cities in 2008. Before Sofia, Sammy and I used to rent a quaint little condo in Port Coquitlam, we used to shop together hand-in-hand weekly (ain’t nobody got time for that… now). We used to split our shop up in 3 sections, we’d shop Meridian for all our meat, head to Kin’s Market, which was conveniently next door, and picked up all our fruits and vegetables for the week, concluding our afternoon by popping into Superstore to buy any boxed goods we needed. Other than the fact that we had far too much time on our hands, this worked splendidly for us. Bring us to the present day and I get our grocery shopping done a little less organized. Like daily, mid-meal, when I’ve realized I ate the last of the eggs in my morning omelette. Anyone else shop like this?

IMG_20150723_105854There are tons of convenient ways to grocery shop these days, from online shopping and delivery (as we have featured in the past) to personal shoppers (ha! riiiiight) and then of course just taking the time to plan ahead, which is what I am working on. I could go on and on and on about how awesome Meridian Meats Freezer Packs are, from their customization to their overall savings when purchasing in a pack, but I’ll just let Meridian explain that right here in their Freezer Pack Flyer.

When we got ours, we customized it all the way to how it was packaged. We had them package our Chicken Cordon Blue in two’s, the Extra-Lean Ground Beef in 1 lb parcels, the Boneless Pork Chops in three’s, the Free-Range New York Steaks in two’s, and the Breakfast Sausages in six’s. Exactly how I would find myself needing them; saves me time and of course saves me from having to touch any raw meat (yes, I’m that girl).


Thanks to this mighty freezer pack, it saved me from daily trips to the grocery store (haven’t purchased meat in 2 weeks), it saved me that day that Sofia and I just wanted to stay in our pajamas and enjoy Disney movie after Disney movie (and if you’re wondering, no it wasn’t Frozen), and finally it saved me money.

If you ask “do you recommend the Meridian Meats Freezer Packs?” I’d say yes!
If you ask “will you be purchasing another Meridian Meats Freezer Pack?” I’d say yes! and;
If you ask “are you looking for dinner company?” I’d say our table always has an empty seat!

See you Sunday for Dinner!


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  1. I seriously need to get a deep freeze for our garage so that I can shop here. I love the sounds of it. I know what a difference free range can make just on eggs that we buy, and what I bake with them. I can only imagine how amazing the difference is towards meat.

    • Honest, you don’t even need a deep freeze. We split ours up half in the freezer and half in the fridge fresh to eat the entire first week. Ohhhh so good! You will LOVE their stuff Tamara, their marinades and rubs are TDF.


  2. I LOVE Meridian Meats! I haven’t tried their freezer packs yet because I’m worried that I’ll get bored. Is that silly? I didn’t realize you could customize it so extensively. I’ll have to take a closer look next time I’m there.

    • Oh can you ever Hillary! Make sure you check them out the next time you’re in there. Getting bored is just not an option, these packs will make you feel all sorts’ or organized and on the ball.


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