Milestones are emotional for everyone

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This weekend we hit another milestone; Sofia upgraded from her crib to a bed. It’s funny because the emotions that come with milestones are so very different that a parents and child go through. Excitement was all that filled Sofia’s body on Friday, excitement and anticipation poor kid, we purchased and had the bed setup by 2pm, she doesn’t go to bed until 7pm. As a parent your emotions run far deeper than this. Excitement yes, how could I not be for her, what an amazing feeling it must be to graduate from one of the last items we all attach to babies; but also with this emotion we share, I have many more brewing up inside. Amazement being one of them, seriously these kids grow up way too fast, feeling beyond grateful that we are able to provide her a bed like this, giving her a choice between many. I feel nervous at what the nights may bring in a new free setting, I’ve heard many stories of kids getting out of bed through out the night simply because they can. Lastly I feel proud, my little girl is growing up, she’s hitting milestones and making us remember the important things in life along the way, like laughing. The day starts with giggles and as always ended with them, I swear this kid gets her energy from other peoples happiness it’s like she sets out in her day to ensure everyone around her is having the time of their lives, smiling, laughing and showing emotionally that life is good.

These milestones are a great reminder that it’s life’s little things that matter the very most.


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  1. Beautiful bed. Did she pick her being too?

    I find milestones much harder on me than my daughter. Sometimes I just want time to slow down as I wonder where my baby went. Others I am just so amazed and so proud of her. What an emotional roller coaster we are on with kids.

  2. Bedding*

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