{mini} FASHION: Patterns & Layers

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{Joe Fresh Shirt //  Joe Fresh Pants  //  H&M Vest  //  Joe Fresh Boots  //  Miss Giggle Buns Headband}

Can I get this in adult size please? 

Layers are really what it’s all about when it comes to this unpredictable weather we have here in Vancouver. We wake and it’s grim and foggy and dress accordingly, by noon the sun is shining, we pass people wear sunnies and we’re both sweltering in our so called weather appropriate ensembles. That’s the beauty of layers, they mask the foolishness of believing a morning face to be true to it’s word; you can remove a layer or two and fit in with the crowd quite nicely.


TELL ME totally off topic, nothing about fashion, but do your kids bring “things” with them when you go out? Say a stuffed toy, or a doll, or a blanket they cherish?


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  1. We are all about bringing out baby with us these days 🙂

    • Yes, we don’t go anywhere without either baby or an equally amazing stuffy 🙂 Oh and of course all the “things” they require while we’re out packed in her baby bag. Oh yes, you heard me right, all the things.


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