{mini} FASHION: Smile Days

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{Joe Fresh Shirt // Joe Fresh Pants // Jacket c/o Memoiyo // Shoes c/o Over the Loom}

This smile, it’s what I live for. Straight up real-life, honest smiles, there is really nothing better.

Sofia is such a silly kid at heart, she loves to laugh and better yet make others laugh, especially when they’re showing anything but a smile on their face. I look to this as someone who is extremely loving, caring and of course showing concern of others emotions around her. That to me shows I’ve done something right. Am I right mamas?

You know what I love about this age, real opinions. Before I could just throw anything I wanted on her and rush out the door to whatever event or class we had that day. Not anymore, this kid has very specific taste and style concerns. Things have to match to a degree, things have to feel right on, and when the look comes together and glances at herself in the mirror she has to give the approval-shy-smile. You know what I’m talking about, when they look at themselves in the mirror tilt the head in shyness and let out a giggle-like smile and bat the eye lashes, followed by a dash for the door. She can only handle the cuteness of her reflection for so long.

This kid, I love her!


TELL ME what happens when your babes look in the mirror? Do they shy away from their reflection or do they eat-if-up and take time away from your own reflection gazing?

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