Mommyrexia…. Seriously Ladies?!

This is beyond lame and sadly beyond real – so take this post seriously!

My cousin sent this to me, with hopes I would post about it on Little Miss Mama. This needs to be spoken of, made viral and and put to shame. Seriously ladies, shake some sense into what little brains you have left, risking your babies health and your own to replicate a look and a way a life of a Hollywood Star? Get over yourself! 

Mommyrexia“Weight loss after pregnancy is a common desire for new moms,” says The Huffington Post, “but some are taking it to a whole new level by trying to stay skinny during their actual pregnancies and losing as much weight as possible right after. The phenom is termed ‘mommyrexia’ and is defined as moms who gain less weight than is healthy for their body type during pregnancy, CNN reports. The health risks include premature birth for the baby. The trend is largely driven by the desire to emulate celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Bethenny Frankel who stayed svelte during their pregnancies, the New York Post reported.”

Well I’m pretty sure you can all grasp how I feel about this trend. If a women is vain enough to be unhealthy during her pregnancy for reason of glamour, she should not be allowed to have a child. That simple. I have no problem when someone who is watching their weight and trying to keep gaining to merely the baby, but to be loosing weight the entire process so they can still fit into their size 2 Rock n’ Republic Jeans is just insanity!

Anyone else heard of this, whats your take?


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  1. Yuck!!! I feel the same as you. Part of being a mother IS sacrifice, and due to the very nature of pregnancy and birth, your body is a

  2. Part of that sacrifice. As someone who struggled to gain weight in the first trimester of my twin pregnancy (which is intrinsically linked to premature birth in twins) and then only just managed to get my very small babies to 34 weeks, this sort of thing makes me so angry!!!

  3. I hear yah!
    My cousin sent this to me yesterday and It has bothered me since then. So irritating seeing how many people out their struggle to even GET pregnant and what some families do to have a baby, this just makes me very disappointed that people would actually stoop to this level for a desired look.


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