Mother, Wife, & Blogger… How I manage!

Life as a woman can be difficult, let alone as a wife, mother and entrepreneur. A new season starts of Tia & Tamera on the Style Network this Sunday, and it has me thinking. Why do we make it so hard on ourselves as woman to succeed? Do we bite or more we can chew, do we love a struggle, do we crave a fully loaded schedule, do we throw our standard up far too high to even reach? I whole-heartedly believe the reason sits in all the above. We are our own worst critic, but I’m almost certain we also know this already. 

I am a Daughter, a Sister, and Aunt, a Bestfriend, a Wife, and a Mother, and I pour my whole heart into all of these positions. I am also a business woman. A blogger. I blog with passion, with intent to better the world, inspire others, and to be inspired. I blog to get away, to let me mind wander, to share my love of fashion, beauty, and a life of love. As a mother our social lives can take a wee bit of a hit, and blogging allows me to connect with like minded woman, worldwide at anytime of the day. I feel alive, able and connected all from my corner little office. I can ask questions, I can give answers, I can help others in difficult times, I can do all this, with my writing, my words, my blog. 

How do I manage? I don’t ever ask myself this; ever! I just let it all unfold and happen as it does naturally. For if I think too much about it, panic strikes, and a time-out will be in order. No time for time-outs. Upwards and on-wards … I just keep on keeping on. I love my life busy, I love my life full of adventures, I love to look into the future, but I do my very best to live in the present.  Life is not meant to be easy, it’s meant to push your boundaries, to feel alive, to smile from the inside out, and to be happy in all that you have done? 

I often wonder how different life as a celebrity is. Their are many things one can do to make their life less hectic; when money is no question. However living your life in the public eye can never be easy. I am thankful for families like the Kardashians, or Tia & Tamera who give us a glimpse into their lives, reminding us, we are all alike. We have our ups and downs, we all make mistakes big and small, we celebrate our accomplishments, and ask for help when we need, the only difference is, they have to live it in the pages of US Magazine, whether they want to or not. It’s the price you pay for fame.  

I look forward to watching Tia & Tamera live out their lives in front of the camera. It’s a nice reminder to us woman who wear many hats in our lives {wife, mother, and businesswoman} that we are not alone.  Will you be tuning on on Sunday, July 14th to catch the premier of Season 3 for Tia & Tamera? Check out show details here, and follow the Style Network on Instagram here to enter in their “Who’s your &” Giveaway, for you chance at winning a $2,000 Shopping Spree. Giveaway goes live soon, so stay tuned!

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