Motherhood; there’s a tea for that (+GIVEAWAY)

A bold statement, but a true statement: Motherhood is tough!

We all have something that can fix the worst of days, those chaotic moments you can’t believe are real life, those you can come from around the corner Don DeLuise, anytime now moments. Be it indulging in your absolute favorite chocolate bar, a date with the spa, or a little retail therapy, we’ve all got something that fixes a messy moment. Some use simple techniques like deep breaths with your eyes closed, and counting backwards from 10. One I’ve tried, that I don’t recommend is the “laugh it off” technique. The people in Starbucks have no-time for your shenanigans, and will likely provide an escort to remove you… but… on the up-and-up, FREE DRINK! All kidding aside, do you guys want to know what works for me 100% of the time? 

TEA… a simple but effective home steeped, served in my favorite mug, warm cup of tea!
The answer to an extra-chaotic day is and has always been, tea.


Dinners far too burnt to even think about salvaging;

it’s a mad rush for pizza delivery and Bengal Spice Tea kinda’ night


We’ve all been there, pinned a delicious looking but clearly “above our skill set” recipe on Pinterest. We feel ambitious one night, throw caution to the wind and convinced ourselves “we got this”. Well we don’t, and now you’ve got a hangry husband fresh home from work asking what smells like burnt socks and 2 kids running in circles, crying in frustration that they can’t get away from the bad smell, not even in their rooms with the door closed. Guess I won’t be needing this Iron Chef Canada entry form. 

Bengal Spice has a sweet, creamy flavour that adds a sumptuous quality to this medley of herbs and spices! This zesty blend is an exotic taste adventure with cinnamon, ginger and cardamom to awaken your senses. A hint of vanilla smooths the flavour and adds a bit of sweetness. Add a touch of cream or milk to treat yourself to the traditional serving of Indian spiced tea.



The man-cold has hit hard (depending on who you ask);

it’s a move to your parents house and SleepyTime Tea kinda’ night


I do this, does that make me a bad wife? I literally drag out the luggage at the first sign of Sammy getting ill. We load up the basic necessities the girls and I will need and move out to my parents house for 48-hours. This is all to avoid the girls and I catching anything and giving the man his space to fully get better, rest-up and clean-up… HEY WAIT!! Sneeze on me

SleepyTime, a comforting blend of chamomile and spearmint, creates a lullaby of tender flavour to soothe your senses. This gentle cup of hot tea lets you curl up under a quilt of flavour and quiet the tensions of your world. There’s no calm like the sigh from the spirit when you take this moment for rest and reflection … there’s no time like Sleepytime.



Convinced the kids the clocks were wrong, asleep at 6;

it’s a new series on Netflix and Peppermint Tea kinda’ night. 


I don’t make this a habit, because that’s just cruel, that and I know they’ll start to catch on. Should the day be going a bit more south than north, I have no problems pulling out the good old broken clock trick. OH WHAT?! You mean to tell me Daddy forgot to fix that clock again? Goodness me, I might as well do it myself then. Bedtime kids!

Peppermint combines the whistling cool freshness of mint with the steaming comfort of a hot mug of natural herbal tea. Settle into an intimate cove and while away a few moments on yourself, letting the delectably sweet taste of peppermint pour over your thoughts. Savour the natural goodness of Peppermint herbal tea either hot or iced and nestle into the freshly cool flavour of mint.




Celestial Seasonings always has the perfect blend to pair with life’s moments. Knowing you’re getting an array of quality tea with quality ingredients; choose a bold black to start your morning off on the right foot or a soothing herbal blend to end your day and relax a busy mind. 

I grew up on the belief that all life’s woes if not solved by tea, would be solved with a game-plan that was drawn up over tea. 

Now let’s GIVE SOME TEA AWAY shall we?!



Celestial Seasonings Giveaway


Disclosure :: I have partnered with YMC and Celestial Seasonings and have received compensation for this post. As you all know my love for tea run deep, all opinions in the post are my own.


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