My Dear Friend…. from ETSY

I met this fabulous Lady off of ETSY. And by “met” I mean e-mailed back and forth and fell in love with not only her, but her amazing Tea Cup and Tea Pot Stands.  She is just divine and what makes her even more peachy is that she loves Tea just as much as me! So as some of you may know, I had a blog before Little Miss Mama called LahTeaDah all about my love of Tea and Fashion. Stumbled across Miss  “High Tea for Alice” on ETSY and was taken back by not only her genius-ness but her eye for beauty…. I would love to buy everything in her shop and have something for everyday of the month. 

Go check out her ETSY site and tell me what your favorite is… mine would be “Alice Adores Pink Roses“!!!

So now getting to the finer goods. I spoke, She spoke, We spoke and We agreed that she would do a few reviews on a Brand of Teas she just loves. I couldn’t be happier that she wanted to play with me and host a review – especially becuase I knew she would be sipping out of her finest and we would get to see it in image!

Well Miss Lisa Marie…. I promised you ages ago I would get these up – but with the excitement of Baby Sofia on her way I have lost track of time… Forgive me! Please everyone, give Lisa Marie of High Tea for Alice a warm welcome here at Little Miss Mama and come back tomorrow to see what she has to say about Gypsy Tea – Coconut Chai.



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  1. Welcome Lisa Marie of high tea! :))

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