My Diaper Bag ARRIVED

I couldn’t be more surprised this morning. Canada Post has announced their STRIKE and still my little old mail man arrived at work today with my Diaper Bag in hand! Woo Hoo… Happy Friday to me!

I have been researching Diaper Bags for quite sometime and actually my first idea was that I wanted to talk Sammy into also believing that investing in a Chanel Bag was the best option for both him and I. My story was that he may have to hold it every now and again and we all know its okay if a man has his hands on a Chanel Bag. Right? However after I failed at this argument, I agreed with him that my first Chanel bag was not going to be for carrying poop and milk from my breasts… he did have a point. This is why I began my “hunt” for the perfect Diaper Bag. 

I looked at quite a few sites and knew I wanted to get a bag at high quality as it was going to go through the “ringer” with so much daily action. I Ended up online at ebay trying to see if I could find a designer bag at a no-name price and low and behold – I DID!

An Amy Kathryn bag from Online it sells for $99.00 Plus Shipping, and I found it Brand New, Unused on ebay for $16.50 plus shipping for a grand total of $32.00.

SERIOUSLY – does it get much better than that?

The seller was beyond sweet – very helpful and extremely prompt with her replies – such a breeze to deal with. I wish I had to buy another from her as she was so much fun to deal with. After I got the package today, I love her even more for sending it out when she actually said she did. Which I find to be a downfall when dealing with people off ebay most of the time. 

Here is what the bags looks like… I have made you all wait long enough.

The front of the bag
2 Pockets, 1 Zip Closure Pocket

The back of the bag
1 Large Zip Closure Pocket

The inside of the bag
2 Mesh Bottle Holders, 2 Large back Pockets, 1 Large Zip Closure Pocket

The Bag came with the handles as you can see on top of the bag and also a strap that you can use to carry it on your shoulder. You can see more in depth pictures on the Amy Kathryn Website if you would like. The above photos were taken with my iphone – so I know, they could be better! I just had to show you now… I couldn’t wait until I got home with access to a better camera. 

If you have any questions about it that I might be able to help answer, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or comment below. If you wish to buy the same bag here is the link in which I have purchased mine from – hopefully she will still have some to sell you. If you do – tell her Tairalyn say’s “hi”!


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  1. that’s adorbs!! enjoy!

  2. cute bag with lots of compartments

  3. sounds amazing! we adore you! sending tons of love from the third boob blog-
    chach + nellie

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