My next DIY…. Help!

While Christmas shopping, I came across what I think is a fabulous skeleton for my next DIY. Finding it at a Home Decor Store locally, regularly costing $20 but on for $5… I couldn’t leave it behind. My eye and heart had already seen it and couldn’t top thinking about it. So in the shopping cart she went. 

After getting home from our day of Christmas Shopping, I got to set my eyes on her again and my mind began wandering. What could, should, would I do with this piece that I will be forever happy with? What could I paint, adhere, sparkle or attach to her that would have it go from Home Decor Box to Must Have Handbag. Of course I quickly ran my little fingers on over to Polyvore and got my hunt on. Now to chose where this bag will go… what direction should I take her in people? HELP!


Untitled #18


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  1. I say go for the polka dots!

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  2. I love the ruffles and the polka dots and the leopard bag! nice choices 🙂

    xo Nav

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