My Once Upon a Time….

How we met:
Online {end of story}

No, but really. We met online, conversed via e-mail for about 2 weeks before we stepped up our game to the telephone for another few weeks…. then came D-Day. We agreed to meet downtown Vancouver, on Robson and Thurlow, where there stands a Starbucks on each corner {strange concept, but very convenient to borrow sugar, if needed}. I parked my car in a nearing back alley and walked out for the big FIRST LOOK… he drove up… rolled his window down and told me to “hop in”. I know what you’re thinking, perfect scenario for a horror film, right? But something about this guy was just so right!
He asked if I wanted to go hang out at the beach – I of course obliged… he later told me he was so nervous his plan was to just listen to me, and talk very little. Little did he know I probably wouldn’t let him get words in edge wise. I chit chat when I am nervous. 

We got to Jerico Beach around 5pm, leaving at about 2am. No word of a lie! And ever since my friends we have been inseparable!

How he proposed:

Well it first started as me planning a 30th Birthday Surprise for him. I planned a trip to Tofino {for those who care it’s where they filmed most of the Twilight Series}, meaning to keep it a total secret. Booked the Cabin in March and his Birthday was in November… YEAH! If any of you know me, I am not one to keep exciting secrets like this for long. It lasted about 2 weeks and I couldn’t contain myself, out it came! Minutes thereafter, of course I got upset that I no longer had a surprise planned for him…. so I did some creative thinking and thought about something I could do in Tofino that I could keep from him. I researched a local photographer and thought pictures of the beach together would be something nice for his 30th. Found just the perfect match. Miss Erika Scott {who is now my bestfriend and personal photographer on all my what I wore posts}. She lived in Tofino, she knew the city inside out, and was so excited to join in on my little kept secret.

One evening, Sammy went to check his email and while logging out of my account, locked his eyes on a subject line reading: Sammy’s Birthday Photoshoot…….
He helped himself to the information I had kept hush hush for what felt like an eternity and grabbed Erika’s email address to start his own little plan. He contacted Erika explaining that he knows about the surprise – not because I “caved” but because he is a little snoop {I’m sure the conversation didn’t go exactly like that}. He went on to explain his proposal plan, he wanted to pop the question and he wanted her to catch it all on film…. I know right…. where did I find this guy?

The morning of the planned ‘surprise’ shoot, I tell him and he acts so damn surprised. I now look back and am quite impressed at his acting skills. Erika shows up at our Cabin, and took us on our way! Taking us to all the best look-outs and brought the most fun props to work with. We got to the very tip of Tofino, in Ucluelet… the crashing of the waves  and the view was breathe taking, that and the pictures that Erika got of Sammy asking me to be his wife! 


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  1. That is the SWEETEST, most precious story I have ever read! Girl,you gave me chill bumps! You and Sammy make an amazing match…congratulations and thank you for sharing the tale and pictures!

  2. You made me cry!!! I love your story and how he pulled the surprise on you with Erika shooting your proposal!!! I love, love the last photo!!! But really all of the photos are so sweet and beautiful! Congrats to you my friend! Cant wait to read more!! <3

  3. Love your story!!! My husband and I celebrating our 7 yr wedding anniversary on MOnday Aug 27. Love the story and the pictures. Tofino is absolutely stunning. We went there many years ago and fell in love with it.


  4. BAH! I cried! What a perfect love story. So happy for you. 🙂

  5. awwww I am all teary… and i’m gonna step on my “hubby’s” foot later for not being this incredible sweet and romantic… for being as romantic as a rock… a rock that has had three divorce’s from other rock females who left him cause he wasn’t romantic!

  6. This is the stuff of fairy tales and fantasy! What a sweet story, thanks for sharing:)

    Pink Chai Style

  7. Cute story! It’s amazing how many relationships start over the web these days (mine included)!!

  8. Wow! That’s really, really, incredibly adorable!

  9. I’m crying! OMG!! I love you’re husband (i’m lesbian, just in case LOL).

  10. Made me tear up!!! That’s a seriously sweet love story 🙂

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