My Week Instagram’ed

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1. crushing on my new boots thanks to Beyond the Rack. My favorites going right now! 
2. no big whoop, just hangin’ out with my new buddy who saves lives. 
{long story short – Sofia almost bailed in the jumpy castle and Jason snagged her by the arm, just at the last moment and saved her from a tumble – pure gentleman}.  
3. a horrible picture, but good life lesson in why one should never leave the house without touched up brows. 
4. gettin’ out groove on at KinderCafe’s #MusicFun with Lisa Rae
5. noooooooooooooo! {don’t be crushed, I tied it to her zipper, she still has her buddy balloo}
6. reasons why I do the workout; means I can wear one of my favorite pairs of skinnies. 

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