Nail Polish: Julep

Nail Polish is one of those details that should never be missed. I spoke about it briefly the other day on Facebook; small details such as a laced hem or an #ArmParty of Jewels are what makes you unique. Just as important are you nails, paint them bold or go nude, whatever you fancy they will be sure to set you apart from the next Fashion lover. 

Have you heard of Julep Maven? Each month, Julep will hand-pick trendsetting new nail colors, including beauty products that are just right for you. Decide how often to receive your Julep Maven box, and you’re set. Julep also makes cancelling easy, with any time subscription cancellation. You really can’t go wrong with this monthly mail gift. Love Nail Polish? Then Julep Maven just might be a match made in heaven for you.

What I find most unique about Julep is unlike other monthly fashion subscriptions, Julep sends you a preview of your upcoming Julep Maven Box. If you crush on everything they have set out for you, sit back and count the days until your “box-oh-lovely-goodies” arrive. If not, either re-route it to a friend you know would love them or skip the month. It’s really that easy. 

Not that you asked, but hey! Its my blog so you’re going to have to act like you care. Some of my favorite Nail Polish colors from Julep are Daisy, Rose, Sasha, Gloria and Whitney. Tell me what are you favorites? Are you a Julep Maven? I would love to hear some feedback. 


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  1. Thank you for popping by my blog. Those nail polish colours are so pretty. And getting pretty mail is never a bad thing!

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