{nearly} Wordless Wednesday

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Each year we put up the Christmas lights as a family. Normally speaking Sofia and I don’t last the entire while, but we give it our best until our desire for warm hands and hot chocolate filled bellies take over. I’m excited to say we lasted the entire while alongside Sammy, to his shock I think we were an actual help versus hindrance like in the past; wouldn’t you say Sammy (I know you’re reading this).

The entire time we’re putting the lights up Sofia is asking when it’s time she can climb the ladder. It’s one of those things as a kid that just feels exhilarating, climbing something tall all on your own, and then of course leaping from the very top into dad’s arms. The fear of heights that Sammy isn’t a gene that he has passed down, that’s for sure. 


WHEN DO YOU put up your Christmas Lights for the year, and when do you get around to taking them down?


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