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We all know how good I am at keeping it short, if you’ve ever sat down to one of my stories you’ll know. Let’s just say that we will keep things “shorter” than usual with today’s Wordless Wednesday.

A few weeks back, Sofia and I had the opportunity to attend (and dine) at The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. during one of their Mom & Tot DIY Herbal Salves classes with EarthBites. We learnt a lot, I mean a TON, thank goodness for the teacher, Aboriginal Herbalist Lori Snyder who took the time to write everything out for us to take home in note form. We walked out of there not only having had a great deal of fun (and a delicious lunch) but more aware of how simple it actually is to make our own herbal salves with beeswax and local herbs to treat things likes cuts and scrapes, rashes and burns naturally. 

They have some more upcoming events if you’re interested; May 18th they have a “Get Your Greens” Mom & Tot workshop (Join R.H.N. Brendan Young & learn the health benefits of eating spring greens & how you can use them to create delicious green smoothies. Also learn how to grow your own delicious garden greens in any space – seeds included) and then again June 8th they have a “Buzzing Bees” workshop for you and your babes (Join R.H.N. Brendan Young to learn about the wonders of bees & the health benefits of honey. Enjoy: Honey tasting. Top tips to create a bee friendly garden -­ wildflower seeds included. Learn how to create your own honey lemonade & how you can substitute sugar for honey in your recipes). Both events are $7.95 per person with those under 2 being free and can be booked by calling 604-566-9779. Note that 100% of the profits from these events will go to EarthBites, Rocky Mountain Flatbread’s school gardening program where students learn to grow their own food, create nutritional snacks & craft with the seasons.

I love that we can be apart of these kinds of events, getting invites, taking part and spreading the word! Hopefully you will agree these are not only educational and fun events to attend with your littles locally but agree that the cause is equally as important. Hopefully we will see you at the next event!

PS: told you I was no good at “keeping things short”!



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