{nearly} Wordless Wednesday

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I suck at “keeping it short”, that or successfully using the phrase “I’ll make a long story short” and so we’re keeping it real and saying this is nearly a wordless Wednesday. It’s a photo heavy post just like your wordless Wednesday people like it but with a short little backstory. That’s fair right?

We celebrated Sofia Marie’s Birthday over the weekend as her real day was yesterday, falling on a Tuesday, we did the obvious thing and had her parties on a Sunday. One of the events was in the afternoon at her most favorite places to make art, 4Cats Art Studio, and all in attendance were her very best little people (including Ariel), topping the evening off with a family celebration at our home. I doubt I’ve ever eaten that much cake in my life, but it had to be done, in the name of birthdays of course. The day was fun, the day was long, the day was perfect!


IN CASE you’re at all curious, here are the party details from both parties. From the art class we booked, to the most amazing princess that we hired (with a singing voice just like Ariel I may add) all the way to the most gorgeous and delicious cake we had made. 

4Cats Art Studio Shaughnessy {Where we hosted our Birthday Party}
Vancouver Princess Parties {Where we hired our Princess, Ariel}
Sinful & Delicious Cupcakes {Where we had our Ariel cake made}


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