I was never a concert person; then we had kids

It’s sad really; I was never a concert buff until I started having kids, now every children’s concert that comes to Vancouver I feel a horrible need to go see. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK?! I mean I loved seeing Justin Timberlake in concert, even Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy and Mase I saw (and actually liked), Backstreet Boys was a total scream-fest and New Kids on the Block, don’t get me started, how could a girl forget her first concert…. but I hear Toopy and Binoo are on stage or the Wiggles are touring Canada and I LOSE IT!

Whats App threads are created between friends with kids I know would be as psychotic as me hearing the news. How many tickets you want? THE WIGGLES ARE COMING TO VANCOUVER?!?! Decisions need to be made guys. LET’S DO THIS…. for the kids of course. 

This past weekend Sammy and I took Sofia and Stella to the Wiggles. They were touring Canada stopping in Vancouver and we just had to get tickets. We’ve seen them once before when Sofia was 3 and the show they put on was amazing. I mean don’t go in expecting a Celine Dion Las Vegas type event, but when it comes to kids concerts I’d say they’re the best. They play all the their best most loved songs your kids have on repeat and they throw in enough humor that goes well over the littles heads that keeps the parents from wishing they were home, with wine. 

I’m telling you, if you have kids and have ever thought “a kids concerts? ACK! is it really worth the money?!” I’m telling you it is. Find something those off-springs of yours LOVE and do it, buy tickets, should they ever come to town. Have it be Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, *bless your soul* or even Caillou, whatever it is — take your kids to experience their first kids concert. You will not regret one penny! The look on their little faces when they see them first come on stage is priceless, don’t believe me, you just wait and see. I vlogged our day on Saturday and you’ll be able to relive it with me on YouTube Channel this Friday. It’s PRICELESS!

QUESTION: Do you take your kids to concerts? Which have you taken your kids to? Have you experienced a Wiggle concerts? 



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  1. The girls look amazing way to dress them for the show mama!

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