Night Market Fun

Why you need to attend the night market once a year:

1) Stock up on 10 for $10 granny panties
2) Replace your Chanel earrings that have tarnished
3) Eat food on a stick you normally see as a family pet

Okay well maybe just 1 of the 3 I went for, either which way, it was a blast and I am so glad we did. After a Fabulous Dinner cooked by my sister-in-law, myself, Sammy, Mama, Dad, Brother and his wife headed downtown to the Chinatown Night Market. It seems to be a yearly thing for us and I actually get really quite excited to go. So much knick-knacks and way too many paddy-wacks, I came out of there with a pair of earrings {yes, they were chanel} and a new love and desire for food on a stick. Who wouldn’t want mini-donuts or baked potato on a stick?

Although I didn’t eat anything {my diet plan right now is pretty strict – find out why here} I was allowed to smell and look as much as I want – so TAKE THAT! 

“Surprisingly Tasty” really? you had your doubts? It’s Potato on a Stick?
Figuring out if we really need 5 pairs of socks for $10

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  1. i would totally be all over the 10 for $10 granny panties! (for sleeping in of course!) Your belly is so cute!

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