OH BABY! How we told Sofia


Withholding THIS kinda’ news from a 4 year old is tough, but only because I wanted to share in excitement with her so badly. What was actually quite surprising to me was she never once questioned or ever made a comment about my growing belly (which apparently happens quite quickly the second time around). Sofia is very in-tuned to this sorta’ stuff and she recognizes difference in people from hair cuts to make-up changes, new shoes and a change in moods quiet quickly, yet commenting on my weight gain was never something that registered for her and apart of me feels great success in this little oversight. 

She went quiet, giggled and then smiled very shyly, rounding the emotional roller coaster off with tears and ran over to me for a long hug.

I won’t tap into this now as obviously this isn’t a post that needs to go in that direction BUT I try very hard to never put pressure on a specific look when it comes to weight. I tread very lightly around her comments on body image, “mum look at how big my belly is, because I ate all my dinner”, or “mum I’m doing so good, the scale says I am 32”. I encourage self love that doesn’t ever touch on her weight or overall appearance, simply the beauty she offers in her heart and mind. So you can imagine that the lack of noticing my expanding belly means so much, means I’m doing something right, even though sometimes I’m doing everything wrong. 

IMG-20160315-WA0006We were hoping to wait until a few more tests were run, giving me and baby a clear bill of health however keeping it from her felt like a ticking time bomb. She began to act clingy, more so than usual, and things that were once a smooth process like dropping her off at art class and saying goodbye at school started to become difficult. Lots of tears, from both parties and a sense of being unsure was what I was feeling from her. My first thought was she knows we’re not keeping her fully informed and she feels left out. So the cat was let out of the bag sooner than we had hoped. 

We told Sofia on her half birthday, she turned 4 and a half on March 15th and we celebrated this with cake, balloons and a few Shopkins blind bags. We decided to tell her this day on the 14th, which left me 24 hours to get it all ready, thanks to a uber helpful mama and bestie it happened.  She woke up on March 15th with cake for breakfast, but that wasn’t the real fun part, it’s what was on the cake that made the morning THE BEST EVER!

When she sounded out the cake she was confused at first and she repeated it a few times to herself aloud. I at this point was in tears and Sammy was trying to help her disifer the message. “Big sister? What? I’m not a big sister you silly!” to which we told her she was now. She went quiet, giggled and then smiled very shyly, rounding the emotional roller coaster off with tears and ran over to me for a long hug. It’s a lot to take for a little mind, I totally get that and she reacted exactly the way I thought she would. I’m so glad we got it on camera and even more happy that we got to all experience the excitement the news together, and over cake before 8am. What could be better!


HOW DID you tell your kids when you were expecting? I have seen so many videos of kid reactions, most great but some tough ones too. Each of them make my heart skip a beat and cry like a baby, because how exciting!  If you told them in an image or video and care to share I would love to see them, hit up our Facebook page and share in today’s thread!


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